Chilli…a lasagne made from tortillas…leftover heaven

We had a bonfire party on Saturday and I was planning on making a few lasagnes so I stocked up on minced beef. However, my darling mother made them and instead of being shown up I kept the mince in the freezer.

The only inspiration for this is that I don’t LOVE rice and my husband is sick of fajitas…however we both love chilli.  This is basically a layered lasagne, but instead of bolognese you use chilli and instead of lasagne sheets you use flour tortillas and instead of white sauce I used handfuls of grated cheese.  Basically nothing like a lasagne, aside from the layering aspect.


You will need:

8 flour tortilla wraps
500g (or there abouts) of minced beef (preferably from your butcher as supermarkets do abhorrent things to meat)
*your own chilli recipe*
Or like I did, use a jar from Tesco.

About 200g of cheese (half a medium sized block)

Soured cream

An onion, kidney beans and peppers (to taste).

*home refried beans*
Or like I did, a full size tin from Discovery

A, what I call (Miranda moment) lasagne dish.

What to do:

Fry beef (dry fry as it’ll produce enough fat for it not to stick) until it is brown and there is no pink.

Add jar of sauce and simmer on a low heat until it starts to bubble a little (about 2-3 minutes).

Cut up 6 of the wraps about an inch wide and line the dish with some (about half)

Smother on the refried beans.

Add some more cut wraps (the other half or whatever you have left).

Cover them with the beef chilli concoction.

Cut the remaining two fajitas in halves so you have four. Cover the top of the chilli with these, smother with cheese and bake on 200 degrees for about 10 minutes.

Serve with soured cream.

Eat and don’t think about the calories.

20121107-174316.jpg 20121107-174325.jpg 20121107-174332.jpg 20121107-174342.jpg 20121107-174349.jpg






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