Hair loss, during and post those blasted children!

Hair loss. When I was pregnant with my first I read in the baby books that some women could experience hair loss after giving birth.

Some women was me.

After my first baby, and throughout the first year that I breastfed, my hair fell out. First of all it was when I washed it, I noticed the plug would get full while I was in the shower. This wasn’t totally alarming as my hair is right down my back and I tend to shed if I don’t groom and straight after having a baby, I didn’t groom my hair for the usual hour it takes. After about 12 weeks my front hair line became thinner until it was bald either side of where a fringe may grow. I parted my hair differently and after about 12 months baby hair began to grow in. This was because I was pregnant with baby number two. During pregnancy the hormone surge can increase hair thickness and length and some women lose this once the baby is born; some women lose more.

Some women is me.

My second son is two in December and I still have baby hair growing in. It’s a complete pain in the backside as it’s thin and wispy and tends to stick up like sore fingers.


I’m all for women doing whatever they want to their hair, grow it long, shave it off, have alopecia, thyroid conditions and cancer treatment and be bald and bold.

I am not one of these women. In a world of misogyny my hair is a comfort to me and I even cried when it was cut to my shoulders last year. My hair isn’t as thick as I’d like and this is due to it not fully growing as thick as it was BC (before children).

I was having a manicure the other week and the lady there was talking about hair extensions. The idea of hair being sewn or glued to my hair makes me think it’ll weaken and ruin it and I dislike the idea of something permanent. I started to look online for hair pieces that sit or slot on and into my head. I didn’t know there were so many out there! From a bob to just a thickening “skull cap”, I was in my element. Bold as brass I approached a company and asked for them to give me one (so to speak) so I could see if it worked and if it did to tell everyone else about my findings! Wonderland Wigs agreed to send me some hair. Dubious I’d like look like Chantelle Houghton after a night out, I wasn’t convinced. I bought a three-quarter head covering. The inside is like a mesh skull cap, with banana grip like teeth, so you slot it into your scalp and it grips on the crown and around the back. If you have long hair (like I do) you merely put your hair in a pony tail and pin the ends up then the wig slots on the top without any bumps. Wonderland Wigs have tutorials on their page and their prices are on average £25.99 with the exception of the human hair piece which is almost £200. I had one of the cheaper ones and I am thrilled with the quality and look for such a modest price. I’ve taken some photos of my balding patches, hair before and after the hair piece.

20130712-101019.jpg 20130712-101040.jpg

Above are the before.  Below the after;

20130712-101105.jpg 20130712-101049.jpg 20130712-101131.jpg 20130712-101139.jpg 20130712-101120.jpg

The kind people at Wonderland Wigs have offered my blog readers 10% any purchase by using the discount code CONTENTED at the checkout.

Give it a go! I have a friend losing her hair at the moment from medication and she’s already on the site having a good look!

Now for the photos!

Did you suffer from post partum hair loss? Did vitamins help? I’ll be discussing it on Twitter using #PPhairloss. Feel free to give Wonderland Wigs a follow too: @wonderlandwigs






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