My Shelfie!

I like to keep things around me in my phone that make me happy; who doesn’t? I dislike clutter, but tend to have a smattering of “middle class” clutter everywhere…plants, books piled up and the occasional wine bottle (pre bump!).  I don’t really like ornaments or tat, there are just a few things I keep on top of my TV unit shelf that I like to look at, as each of them hold different memories for me. Image I’ll start from the left and work my way across; The plant; This is a reminder that I can’t keep plants alive.  I have tried and tried and tried but my fingers aren’t even tinged green, not even for indoor gardening which is the easiest thing in the world.  The plant is wax, from Ikea and cost only £2.50.  It doesn’t require time, care, watering or attention, it just needs a polish every now and again. A photo; This is of me and my eldest son Elijah (born 2010) at the beach.  This was possibly the first outing as a family I had after having my second son and no longer suffering from post natal depression which knocked me off my feet for the best part of 18 months.  We went to the beach in Pembrokeshire, and it was cold and windy and we ran about like loons and for the first time in what felt like forever I felt comfortable in the presence of my own children (if you have suffered from PND you will understand this). I felt I neglected Elijah a little bit when I was in the depths of PND, focusing on my own failures and breast feeding and blaming my husband for everything he must have been over looked.  It makes me sad thinking back to it if I’m honest. It was a chance to be silly and to be fun, and I felt I got as much out of it as Elijah.  It was a moment that marked the beginning of a healed mummy. The Boat; The boat has Psalm scripture on it which says “Be still and know that I am God”.  For those of you that know me I can be a bit of a whirlwind character, with ups and downs and I am hideously impatient.  My mother bought me the boat when she went to the Holy Land.  It’s a reminder to just calm down, stand still and know that it’s all in hand.  As a believer in God, it’s a reminder to just stop and accept there are bigger things that I can’t control, just to be in the moment and stop trying to control and manipulate it. The Lantern; There is no poignant history to this, I bought it so I can light candles that can’t be touched easily by little fingers.  I wish it had a wonderful historical tale.  However, it came from Ikea and I paid £6 for it.  That said it gives a wonderful glow, and I like the patterns it makes on the wall; and what’s home without it’s comforts? The Ornaments; Two little boys.  Two little ornaments of two little boys.  I bought these for my husband.  He travels away with work and he takes them with him as printed photos are all framed here; and with the iAge we live in people don’t tend to travel with photos.  He puts them in his accommodation as a reminder of home.  The ornaments are still, quiet, clean and expressionless; all of the things our boys are not.  However they’re a symbol of the two little lives we have created, and they’re rather sweet. aren’t they? The Photo; This is me and Isaiah.  Taken on the same day as the photo of me and Elijah.  Again, the day that was marked heavily in my mind, the day I stopped blaming him and myself for the way I was feeling after his birth.  It was a truly dark time and it was a relief to come out of it on the other side; with such love and a swollen heart, and all the other things I had heard so many mums describe after the birth of their children.  Truly special. This blog was written as a part of a competition entry for Tots100 (@tots100) and Victoria Plumb (@victoriaplumb) about my #shelfie.  I took the Victoria Plumb home style quiz to see which “celebrity” style I mirrored.  I’m slightly dismayed to see I got Samantha Fairs and Joey Essex!  Take the quiz and see what your celebrity style mirrors, it can’t be worse than mine!


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