What to do with my placenta?

Placentas.  The jelly multi coloured slab that supports your baby in your womb and which you deliver after having a baby (they don’t tell you THAT bit when you’re in ante natal classes, I found out the hard way!).


The placenta is adjusted in your womb and is specific to your baby.  Once you’ve delivered the placenta the midwife tends to whip it away to the lab/incinerator and it’s gotten rid of.  In the past 10 years there’s been a huge rise in the benefits the placenta can have for the mother and baby post partum (after birth).  Creationists believe that because the placenta is so high in iron, God created it to be expelled so that the woman could eat it to replenish blood lost and give her milk supply a big boost.  It is commonly eaten in the third world after birth, and more recently than not, in the first world.  Some alternative parenting types like to bury it in the garden and grow a tree from the same spot for sentimental reasons, others like to chop it into tiny pieces and freeze it, eating or blending a piece into a shake whenever they are feeling like they need it.

The evidence of the benefits are hit and miss, however, most of the evidence makes SENSE more than the need for scientific back up.  It is believed due to the vitamins in the placenta that it can be a natural deterrent for post natal depression (PND).  It is thought to boost a mother’s milk supply as well as ward off any iron deficiencies following blood loss from child birth.

Some women just cook it and freeze it.  Some women freeze it raw.  Some women pop it in the blender with other things and make smoothies.  All of the above make me feel a bit faint.  I’m not convinced that eating human organs is a great idea, however, I had such dreadful PND with number 2 that I want to give it a go.


placenta 2

There are encapsulation services available in the UK.  You hand over your placenta and they dry it, powder it and pop it into capsules so you can take tablets as you would vitamins.  I think the service starts around £300 (from the two ladies who have quoted me).  I’m worried that consuming human organs isn’t too great…I’m worried that I might get PND again and this may help naturally (rather than an anti depressant when breast feeding)…I’m worried that it may not be MY placenta I get back in capsules!

placenta 3

What are your views on placenta consumption?


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