When gNappies got in touch with me asking if I’d like to review one of their products I immediately jumped at the chance.  Not only do I love their company, mantra and views on the environment but their packages usually turn up with 48 hours.  This was no exception, it turned up the next day.  When I first started using cloth nappies I had a gNappy second hand and loved it, however it was sold to me without any inserts and it was a size medium so it didn’t fit long enough for me to justify buying the inserts.

The husband and I were discussing nappies for the next baby just on the weekend and decided that we’d use only gNappies for the new baby, mainly because of their design (which I’ll cover with photos) and the fact they don’t require intense washing or drying.  The disposable inserts you can buy from the gNappy brand decompose quicker than a banana skin, and lots of women I’ve spoken to actually put them on their compost heaps (wee nappies only!).  The plus of the disposable liners is that it’s less hands on for those who don’t like the idea of poo…you just throw the liner away.  No more washing inserts, or bleaching them…or even flicking poo into the toilet, and no more leaks due to a detergent build up.

The gNappy is a pant, with a plastic type hammock inner (poppers in).


 The pant is made from cotton and elastane and the gCloths or the disposable gCloths fit inside the hammock, ensuring the pant doesn’t get soiled/wet and that the plastic isn’t against the baby’s skin.  


I’ve never used throw away inserts before testing these (and I’m a seamstress specialising in nappy making by trade!) as I’ve always made them, however with these being super healthy for both baby and the environment they’re definitely the way forward with three under 4!

When baby soils you can remove the insert and pop a fresh one in meaning the nappy outer doesn’t need washing after just one use.  This is good for two reasons, 

1) You don’t need to buy a big stash to get started, one/two a day to cover a once a week wash means you need around 10.

2) You aren’t using your washing machine to extremes, saving the environment and your utility bills.


gNappies come in a huge range of colours and patterns, their new summer range can be found here; my only piece of advice is this; because the baby doesn’t soil the pant, the pant does’t need washing on a high heat. You can unpop the plastic hammock (the pouch) and wash on a high heat if the baby has soiled it but the pant? The pant will be fine on a 30 degree wash, and if you want the waistband and colour to remain in tact I would recommend this…I’d also recommend drying them on an airer as the sun can bleach the colour.  The pouches and cloth however can be line dried as the sun will help bleach any stains!


You can follow gNappies on Facebook and Twitter (@gNappies)

gNappies are currently offering 15% off via their online retailer Spirit of Nature and keep your eyes peeled for Zulily (this particular link has a sale on until the 21st May 2014).  You may find pouches and gCloths at a reduced rate on Amazon, where they regularly reduce gNappies.


*Disclosure* I was sent one free gNappy to review.  This review is based on my own opinion after testing the product.


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