Wet and wild. Not really.

Most women when nesting, love a good clean.  They pull out the cupboards and even scrub tile grout with a toothbrush.  I am not most women.  Nesting for me involves redecorating. Knocking down walls, creating new rooms and pulling things from Ideal Homes magazine that I’d like in my house.  Of course none of those ideas are child nor overdraft friendly, but it’s what I NEED to do, so I settle for this blog and Ikea to create some ideas.  During my pregnancy with Noah, despite suffering from horrendous Hypermesis for the first twenty five weeks, then eating everything in sight after that, I decided to build a second sitting room.  It was when the builders were leaving that one of them pointed out some water damage above our front door.  Above our front door is our en suite.  I immediately phoned our trusty plumber, Paul, and he came out to inspect.  When we had our house built three years ago, our plumber was recommended by our builder.  He was a disaster and we’ve paid a fortune having everything put right.  Our en suite was the next to go.  He’d plumbed our huge beautiful shower in, but the two waste pipes that need to be connected were connected with an extendible hose (like the back of a tumble drier).  This had of course gone hard and cracked due to excess water.  The huge beautiful shower (which he’d cemented to the floor) had to be ripped out and thrown away.  It had cost an eye watering amount of money.  I decided at this point to buy a new, wider bath,  throw our old bath away, and have an “over bath” shower, after all the shower fittings weren’t destroyed.  We bought our bath from here, http://www.My-Bathrooms.co.uk were brilliant.  The bath came in two days, the plumber fitted it without a hitch, and the best part was, when I forgot to order a screen, they sent one out straight away.  While we were having the bath ripped out, we realised we’d need to retile to accommodate the new bath.  I bought tiles from B&Q in the sale, and then decided I didn’t want a chocolate truffle bathroom anymore, I wanted pale aqua!  I then decided to buy bathroom paint, and have it redecorated entirely, we settled on this Farrow and Ball colour, and then took it to B&Q to have it mixed for far less money! Ha!  Of course, the tiles were smashed off, the bath was fitted, the new tiles were applied, and it was looking fantastic.  Then I went into labour.  My husband is going to paint the bathroom.  He promised me.  16 weeks ago.


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